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healthyfish.de is a private wildlife video- and photography website by Andreas Skiljan. Initially i started this homepage to present the underwater documentary. Fortunately it turned out, that there are a lot more interesting creatures out there.

Since i am mainly interested in filming, and my partner, Stella Patsia, found her passion in photograhy, we are able to share that hobby on our travels. Most of the photos are made by her.


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Our passion for travelling began in 2004, when we visited New Zealand for the first time. The excitement cought us instantly and we got an idea of the diversity of life. In Australia, on our round the world trip in 2006, we started to capture impressions of wildlife.

Since then we travel whenever we can, trying to produce appealing photos and videos of animals living on land or underwater.

Biodiversity impresses us everytime anew and we havenĀ“t lost hope, that this richness can somehow be protected. Forever!

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